The Stabs

Since releasing their first single at the beginning of 2004 THE STABS have toured independantly outside of Australia three times, released a second single on Detroit based label Cass Records, sold out two pressings of their debut album Dirt, supported some bands they really look up to including Mudhoney, The Scientists and Lubricated Goat and continue to play shows all over Australia.  They have just emerged from the studio with a new album in the can set for release early 2009.  More immediately there will be a single off of the album later this year and a split 7" with ex Sydney now New Yorkers Lubricated Goat.
“They sound like Thurston Moore reviewing The Birthday Party” Ben Blackwell (The Dirtbombs/Cass Records) 
“Think of an angrier, fuzzier Mudhoney and you’ll be in close proximity” Chris Grier (Mess and Noise/To Live and Shave in LA) 
“Think The Scientists jamming with The Dream Syndicate aboard an out of control school bus.”  Nick Phillips (Corduroy Records) 
"They are messy, shambolic and completely out of control and the crowd went crazy for it." - Faster Louder

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