The Upper Crust

THE UPPER CRUST need no introduction: nevertheless for the sake of formality we shall present them to you as follows: Lord Bendover (guitar, vocals), Count Bassie (bass, vocals), the Duc D'istortion (guitar, vocals) and Jackie Kickassis (drums).

This extraordinary ensemble of distinguished peers has, these five years past, had the honor of rocking you in the style popularly known as "Rocque and Roll" - a form whose demanding tenets they abide by both onstage and off.

They have graced the world of musical commerce with three previous releases: 1995's Let Them Eat Rock (Upstart/Rounder), 1997's The Decline and Fall of The Uppercrust (Emperor Norton), and 2000's double-live CD Entitled (Reptilian Records). They have appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien; they have rocqued Boston's Fleet center with Aerosmith on New Year's Eve; they have toured the United States and Canada and earned by the distillation of their pallid brows the reputation of unflagging genius. Now they are celebrating a new release, Once More Into The Breeches on Emperor Norton records.

Gentle reader - it does not become you to pass the flower of your youth in idle dissipation, passing o'er with dull and listless eyes the riches that art and nature have contrived to present to you in the inspiring persons of this finest of Rocque bands. Give us no cause to admonish you ? rather embrace with us this fortuitous gift, this cause for joyous celebration, and join us as we cry to the very heavens: "Huzzah! God Save the Crust!"

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