Two Gallants

Two Gallants are Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel. Together they are drums, guitar, vocals, harmonica, and piano when the house provides. As childhood friends, the band grew from playing in Tyson’s basement to the Mission District of San Francisco to lengthy underground tours all around the United States. They spread two out of print non-released cds in their wake. In 2004, they released their debut, “The Throes,” on Alive Records in the US. Some albums made their way over to London and in August 2005 they played their first shows abroad and in November their first European tour.

In February 2006, they released the follow up sophomore album entitled “What the Toll Tells,” on Saddle Creek. Extensive press followed and the album was supported by nearly 200 shows in North America, Europe and Japan. After breaking for the first part of 2007, Two Gallants return with a collection of acoustic-based songs entitled The Scenery of Farewell. Known for their aggressive, electric live shows, Two Gallants have also have been known for playing and recording songs with a more stripped down sound. The Scenery of Farewell will be followed by 2GS third full-length, due out in September 2007 on Saddle Creek.

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