I wrote to Aparna about hearing you play last night x2 ago. It gave me a lot to think about. More than before. The Boston club shows on their web site that they have recordings availabe. Did they offer to record you? I know it will happen soon enough but I just thought it would be a cool thing to have since we weren't there. How does it all sound in a large space like a gym or a Meyerhoff-size sound developed area. What is a dance rythm/beat that can be bridged into, then after exhaustion, out of from any one of your pieces. I havn't a clue but I know it is there The ladies must be dying to step up and Luke can push the possiblility and get those smoke hounds dancing out their nicotine and alcohol into a sweat and a twirl or spin. Maybe it is happening too late into the night for body energy but hey who is going to make the babies in the future the christians country singers or the indi rockers. You have to be the juice that flexes those indi youngsters into action. Save us from boring hell.

Your oldest fan,

Cricket Wilder

"It may just be me but it feels like it’s been a good couple of years since an album has come along that, on first listen, can portend a paradigm shift in the musical firmament... All Hour Cymbals is an astonishing album, arriving seemingly from out of nowhere, fully formed and heralding such a shift." - Drowned in Sound

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