As their agitated approach to even their name would suggest, youm (formerly youthmovies, formerly ymss, formerly youthmovie soundtrack strategies) don't like to repeat themselves. In their seven-year stretch they've evolved from mathematic hardcore to massive post rock, krautrock and freak improv to pumping spoken word disco, settling most recently on an equally warped concoction of prog-pop. youm is the moniker for their newest trajectory (record to be completed in 2010), which is hinted to be a more ‘beat dependent’ outing into electronics and psychedelia. But who knows?

youm have become known for relentless touring in the UK and Europe, as well as a can-do attitude to less usual musical exploits - including improvisation with Saul Williams; collaborations with folk-pop sextet Jonquil, 'talking songs' artist Adam Gnade and glitch rockers 65daysofstatic; as well as a bunch of live film soundtracks and trips into composition for contemporary dance. Future collaborations include Andrew's work with Mitch Cheney (Rumah Sakit, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Hey! Tonal) as well as side-projects 'pet moon' (Andrew) and 'binsareforbombs' (Al, Andrew, and Yannis of Foals) amongst others.

Back from Japan earlier in the year and now concentrating on writing, collaborations and solo projects at home in Oxford… ATP will be their only UK live performance in 2009.

“Clever, original - and sadistically unpredictable.”


“Indefinable and incomparable.”

Rock Sound

Q Magazine

"Strikingly original and refreshingly capricious in style, the Oxford five-piece craft something that, while far from immediate, demands attention and admiration. A glorious cacophony.”

“Youthmovies scroll through an abundance of great ideas and hard-working, finely balanced arrangements, presenting themselves as an increasingly exciting and incomparable musical force."

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