Zyna Hel

Zyna Hel is the most prominent solo project of multi disciplinary artist, Elisabeth Oswell. Previously having performed and released under a small number of aliases, Oswell has taken the last two years to step back and develop her craft, creating bewitching rhapsodies that fall on a liminal plane. Channeling, exposing and provoking the fragility of an incendiary metaphysical force Zyna Hel's songs are about death and obliteration, and invoke the sensation that one is on the edge of a seductive abyss.

Zyna Hel has played selective live shows in the last year with a talented and cohesive band of musicians local to her hometown of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The live show brings a new dimension to the well received original vocal/synth bedroom recordings that were self-released online. 


Zyna Hel is currently working on a first release scheduled for 2014 with producer John Fryer, known for his work as one of the only permanent members of This Mortal Coil. In the past Oswell has lent her voice to Psyche Folk band Hush Arbors, and also has ongoing collaborations with Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound, Current 93).

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