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"Widely revered as Australia's most celebrated contemporary songwriter." - Bluefat (John Payne from la weekly and mojo)

4/5, "Superlative...Liddiard's screeds demand and reward the listener's full attention" - Mojo 1 / 2

"Superbly engaging...crystalline and austere." - The Quietus

"One of the most gifted songwriters of his generation. Remarkable." - Raw Power Magazine (France)

4/5 - Written In Music (Netherlands)


Album Of The Month, "This is something really exceptional. Liddiard is inspired." - The Age (Melbourne)

"Features some of the best prose writing of the year in any literary form: brutal, vivid and pungently Australian." - The Age (Melbourne)

"Quite possibly the best songwriter in Australia...Strange Tourist is an intense, challenging song cycle." - Sydney Morning Herald

4.5/5, "The kind of album you will play for the rest of your life." - Rabbit Hole Urban Music

"Liddiard proves himself to be one of the great Australian lyricists of our time." - The Dwarf

4 Stars, "A dazzling collection...a lingers long after the final note has been played." - Rolling Stone 1 / 2

4.5/5, "About as good as you'd expect a solo album from Liddiard to be, and that's a pretty high bar for anyone else to clear." - Rave Magazine

90%, "Liddiard cements himself as one of Australia's greatest songwriters." - Wireless Bollinger

4.5/5, "A minimalist triumph...[he] provides the grit and soul for a kind of visceral storytelling that absolutely no one else is matching at the moment...Gareth Liddiard is something different. Something very special." - Sydney Morning Herald

"As a lyricist, Liddiard is up there with the best in this (or any other) country, so for me it is a real treat to have them right up front on the new album...none of the intensity of The Drones is lost." - Another Lost Shark

"Officially the best writer in Australia, and potentially its greatest musical performer. Strange Tourist [is] an outstanding new of the essential albums of the year." - Yes We've Got A Video

4.7/5, "A fine collection of songs from one of Australia's most gifted of the most compelling releases of the year." - Party On The Hill

"Rewards the listener with a full literary experience." - Life Media Music

No. 7 in Top 10 of 2010 - Albion Love Den


"Gareth Liddiard drawls and howls his way through his allegorical tales...often sounding like one of the few rock lyricists worth paying real attention to." - The Guardian

"A singer-songwriter and guitarist of dark intensity...his vivid narratives draw on the landscape and character of his homeland in a delicately melancholic way." - Uncut

"Gareth Liddard is a songwriter of extraordinary power." - Time Out

"Like the most compelling acts... Liddiard has come to be regarded as one of those lyricists whose words have the weight of poetry." -