ATP Facebook Pop Quiz - Round 3 Answers & Leaderboard

Wednesday 30th March, 2011

Here are the answers to round three of our Facebook Pop Quiz (see here for more info on taking part)...

11. Vladislav Delay - What is Vladislav Delay's real name?

Answer: Sasu Ripatti

12. Big Boi - Which track on Big Boi's debut solo LP features Parliament/Funkadelic legend George Clinton?

Answer: Fo Yo Sorrows

13. Micachu And The Shapes - Who does Micachu collaborate with on the forthcoming 'Chopped & Screwed' album?

Answer: The London Sinfonietta

14. Tony Conrad - Tony is connected to the naming of which very important 60s pop group?

Answer: The Velvet Underground

15. Name the collaborative album between one of the artists on the lineup and one of the members of Animal Collective, and name the artist. Cryptic Clue: Fight like a girl, polish vision.

Answer: Pullhair Rubeye, Kria Brekkan

And here's how the leaderboard is looking after round 3...

1. Velocirapists - 10 points
2. Wayne Coyne took Acid with my mother and he thought she was fighting pink robots - 9 points
3. Lee Scratch Perry Fire Prevention Service - 7 points
4. Four Reverend's Team - 5 points
5. Bradford's Cocks - 3 points
5. Yoda vs. Yeti on the Plains of Serengeti - 3 points
6. the Crystal Methodists - 2 points
7. ATParty Crashers - 1 point
7. Bumfish - 1 point
7. It's all in Mein Head! - 1 point
7. Stereolabia - 1 point
7. The Tau of T'Pau - 1 point
7. The Vince Cables - 1 point

Final round is on Friday!