Juan Son Cancels, Film Schedule Announced, Flickr Group for Breeders ATP

Wednesday 13th May, 2009

Sadly Juan Son will not be appearing at the Breeders ATP festival this weekend. He has been advised not to leave Mexico due to the swine flu epidemic. He, like us, is extremely sad about this and he hopes to be able to come to the UK another time soon.





We are pleased to offer you a cinema programme free of charge. The cinema runs from 10:00am - 4pm on Saturday and Sunday and 10pm - 4am every evening.

Please consider others when watching the films. If you want to talk, please talk outside.

The cinema exists on a first come, first served basis. If you really want to see a film, you may have to get there early. There is limited seating and we do not guarantee entry into any session.

ATP reserves the right to not allow you into the cinema, or to eject you from the cinema at our discretion. Please respect our staff on this matter. There is no smoking in the cinema. PLEASE turn your phone off!

Friday 15th

10pm - Fargo
12am - The Big Lebowski
2am - Blue Velvet

Saturday 16th

10.30am - Kelly's Heroes
1pm - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

10pm - Silence Of The Lambs
12am - The Exorcist
2am - Hellboy 2

Sunday 17th

10am - Wall-E
12pm - The Apartment
2pm - All About Eve

10pm - Anvil! The Story Of Anvil
12am - Hedwig And The Angry Itch
2am - Shortbus




In other news any photographers out there coming to the event are advised that we've set up a Flickr group for the event here and we'd love to see any of your photos uploaded to it once the weekend is over. Cheers!



Finally our Scarlett Thomas competition has now finished. Winners will be informed about prize collection via email.