DJs, Cinema Times & Extracurricular Activities Announced

Wednesday 2nd July, 2014

CINEMA PROGRAM - Curated By Portishead

We are thrilled to announce that Portishead will be curating the film selection at ATP Iceland this year, which will take place at the Keilir venue opposite Andrew’s Theater. The band have chosen an exciting and diverse program of both Icelandic and foreign films which promises to give festival attendees a chance to take a break from watching bands and relax in the cinema during the event

1. All is Lost (2013) Dir. J. C. Chandor
2. Badlands (1973) Dir. Terence Mallick
3. Crazy Love (1987) Dir. Dominique Deruddere
4. The Deep (2012) Dir. Baltasar Kormákur
5. The Future (2011) Dir. Miranda July
6. Happiness (1998) Dir. Todd Solondz
7. The Hunt (2012) Dir. Thomas Vinterberg
8. Me And You And Everyone We Know (2005)
9. Rollerball (1975) Dir. Norman Jewison
10. Soylent Green (1973) Dir. Richard Fleischer
11. Troll Hunter (2010) Dir. André Øvredal
12. Valhalla Rising (2009) Dir.Nicolas Winding Refn
13. Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself ( 2002) Dir. Lone Scherfig

Playing times can be found at the bottom of this article 

BOOK PROGRAM - Curated by Óttarr Proppé of HAM

1. Miami Purity by Vicki Hendricks
A wonderful white trash crime novel from the female perspective. Vicki Henricks' protagonists are the best at following their instincts however unusual or depraved. Her first introduces Sherri Parlay and comes with lots of obsession, steamy sex and a novel take on dry cleaning.

2. Men and Gods in Mongolia by Henning Haslund
Haslund joined an expedition to Mongolia in the 20's to find suitable pastures for Scandinavian dairy farmers in the east. On his travels he meets with shamans, giants and mountain philosophers who totally transform his views on life, ghosts and the existence of gods. Totally absorbing and truly bizarre.

3. Extreme Metaphors: Collected Interviews with J.G. Ballard
This is an excellent entry point into the brain of novelist J.G. Ballard. The author of Crash and the Empire of the Sun was the exception to many rules; a free thinking scientist, a conservative revolutionary, who lived in a suburb of London and wrote novels on the eroticism of car crashes and the anarchy resulting from the psychological breakdown of societies living in high-rises and gated communities. Good stuff and eerily predictive.

4. Gentlemen of Bacongo by Daniele Tamagni
This illustrated book showcases the smooth and flashy style of the dandy members of Le Sape club (The Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes) of Brazzaville in The Congo. Here is what true attitude looks like.

5. The Travels of Reverend Ólafur Egilsson: Captured by Pirates in 1627
This town priest was one of scores of the inhabitants of the Westman Islands, south of Iceland, to be captured in a raid by Turkish pirates and brought to Algeria as a slave. The Reverend was then sent on foot to Copenhagen to arrange for ransom for his fellow islanders. His awe at discovering the world outside of Iceland is truly infectious.

6. The Palm Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola
This is one of the loveliest surreal travel stories ever written. The accounts of ‘The perfect Gentleman' and ‘the town of the Skulls' are most mesmerizing. Our man's outwitting of the skulls´ mother in law, (a watchful living skull with a whistle clenched in it's jaws) is some of the most exciting writing since blueberries were invented.


Book Bingo
Lord Sinclair will be hosting Book Bingo again at this year's ATP Iceland. Enjoyed by both artists and fans Book Bingo is a chance for you to pass on cherished books and discover new favourites. Fans will be asked to donate books before the start of the game, as it is as much about sharing books you have enjoyed as playing Bingo, and we will also have some new books provided by publishers and other generous organizations. Every bingo call is a quote from a book and the first person to the name the book wins a book from those donated. Book Bingo has been very popular at other ATP's and gives anyone with a love of books the opportunity to go home with a new treasure. SO PLEASE BRING A BOOK to DONATE either in Icelandic , English or any other language.

Pop Quiz
Test your music knowledge with name that intro, the picture round and the infamous drawing duel. Exclusive ATP Prizes to be won! The quiz takes place at Keilir at 6:30pm on the Saturday - you can sign up your team in advance at the Bingo the day before.

Bands vs. Fans - Bands and fans are welcome to play 5-A-SIDE football at the football pitch located next to Atlantic Studios from 14:00-16:00 on Saturday 12th July

Life on a NATO Base Exhibition guided tour

We offer a guided tour to the exhibition ‘Life on a NATO Base’ that focuses on the everyday lives of U.S. soldiers and their families during their tour of duty at Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF), Iceland. For over half a century, more than 200,000 U.S. citizens lived and worked at NASKEF along with thousands of Icelandic employees. That is a high number considering that the Icelandic population is barely more than 300,000. The gates to NASKEF were closed in September 2006, marking the end of an era. The exhibition is a beginning of a conversation that looks at different cultures and how they coexisted during this time. The exhibition opened in May 2013. The tour will take place twice during ATP; the first one at at 14:00 on Friday July 11 and the second one at 14:00 on Saturday July 12. The tour starts in front of Andrews Theatre with a short walk towards the exhibition with interesting stories on the way.

For more information: /

Price 1,000 ISK (approx. 5 GBP)


DJ Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai)
DJ Jason Spaceman (Spiritualized)
DJ Andy Hung (Fuck Buttons)
DJ Tim Poulton (ATP)

DJ Einar Örn (Ghostigital)
DJ Andrew Ellis
DJ óli Dóri
DJ Caleb Braatan

DJ Benson Is Fantastic
DJ Declan Allen (Fuck Buttons)
DJ Ben Power (Fuck Buttons)
DJ Barry Hogan (ATP)