Oneida presents The Ocropolis at ATP NY - Details!

Thursday 13th August, 2009

The Ocropolis is Oneida's multidisciplinary studio/performance space in the basement of Monster Island located in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Built by Oneida and their friends in 2005, this studio has quickly become a legendary source of recordings by Black Dice, Growing, Sightings, Trans Am, Psychic Ills and of course Oneida - it has also played host some intimate Oneida performances over the past year.

For this special one of a kind all-day event, Oneida is transporting the impetus, spirit and community of the Ocropolis to the Flaming Lips curated All Tomorrows Parties <> - for a full day of improvisation, collaboration, and recording which the festival attendees can witness first hand. Combined with the astounding Mighty Robot Visuals light crew and a scheduled series of ATP performer guests Oneida aspires to create a full day of collaboration in order to recreate the band's approach to recording and performing usually restricted to the smallest audiences.

The actual recording process and apparatus will be transparent and the focus of the piece will be on the EVENT, the audio/visual collision and fruits of collaboration. This will not be a recording session per se - simply a documented concentration of the experience of Oneida's Ocropolis.

Oneida will perform at a small space on the festival grounds. Oneida will perform continuously throughout the day, sometimes with guests from the rich array of musicians also performing in the festival, sometimes alone and mostly improvised. The door will always be open to the ATP festival goers to experience the Ocropolis.

The performances will be recorded on the fly with a multi-track mobile recording unit by Gang Gang Dance producer and engineer Sean Maffucci. Oneida will then mix, edit and compile the best moments of the day for release as soon as possible. The resultant album will then be made available as an adjunct part of the Thank Your Parents series of releases on a limited basis.

Oneida heartily extends an invitation to all musicians involved with the festival to perform with us at this ongoing experimental audio/visual event.