Film Info Sydney

ATP is pleased to present a film programme curated by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Taking place on January 9th and 10th at Mount Buller Cinema, January 14th – 18th at Brisbane’s Australian Cinémathèque at the South Bank and January 17th and 18th at Sydney's Cockatoo Island, the cinema programme is presented free of charge to those attending the events.

“ATP Cinema provides the unique opportunity to screen lesser known and hard to come by films, such as Ghosts of The Civil Dead and Pure Shit and also some such as Apocalypto and Walkabout that were made purely for the large screen, and need to be seen in such a way. The selection of films chosen by the Bad Seeds are either personal favourites or f eature members of the band in some fashion, through soundtrack or screenplay writing. The aim is to enlighten, entertain or provide the chance to revisit these unique cinematic moments. Ranging thematically from the sacred to the profane, these films continue to inform and entertain us. Made up of a healthy dose of Australian releases, and a nod to some of the great masters of cinema, Kurosawa, Melville, Roeg and Peckinpah - the chance to see some of these on the big screen is reason enough to break open the popcorn.”

(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, 2008)



SATURDAY – 17th January

11am The English Surgeon (M)
1pm Le Samouraï (PG)
3pm Walkabout (M)
5pm The Proposition (MA15+)
6:50pm The Boys (MA15+)

SUNDAY – 18th January

11am The Isle (MA15+)
1pm Love Story (PG)
3pm The Getaway (M)
5:10pm The Proposition (MA15+)
6:55pm Pure Shit (Unrated 18+)


Cinema Rules

Please note that MA15+ means under 15’s need to be accompanied by an adult and Unrated 18+ means over 18’s only.
We are pleased to offer you a cinema programme free of charge. 
Please consider others when watching the films. If you want to talk, please talk outside.
The cinema exists on a first come, first served basis. If you really want to see a film, you may have to get there early. There is limited seating and we do not guarantee entry into any session.
ATP reserves the right to not allow you into the cinema, or to eject you from the cinema at our discretion. Please respect our staff on this matter.
There is no smoking in the cinema. 
Please Turn Your Phone Off