Reminder: Mixtape swap at Deerhunter's ATP!

Tuesday 11th June, 2013

For recent ATP festivals we've been running Mixtape (or CD to be accurate!) Swap with attendees, all of which have been very successful, with hundreds of people taking part. Each time we do it we pick another concept; for example for one the tracklisting had to be an acrostic of your name, and for another it had to contain one track from each of the last 13 years (to celebrate Mogwai's return to headline ATP this Summer after they had originally headlined our first proper event back in 2000).

For the forthcoming Deerhunter curated ATP festival at Camber Sands we will yet again be doing a swap, and here are the concepts we've chosen for the event...

Summer Mixtape - As we had such a long and miserable winter and a bit of sunny weather seems to be here now (and - knock on wood - might hopefully continue for the festival!) - the theme is music that reminds you of the summer/sunny weather!

Soundtrack Of Your Life - Starting with a track from the first album you bought and ending with a track from the most recent, with songs that have been important to you through your life inbetween

Thanks to Andrew Parsons and Charles Macdonald-Jones for the ideas!

Of course you can feel free to totally ignore the concepts if you like - or if you really want to be impressive you could even do both. The final time + location of the Mix Swaps will be featured on the festival timecards which you will receive at the event, and we'll try to make sure it doesn't clash with any bands if possible.