Book Bingo, Quiz & Other Extracurricular Details for ATP curated by Deerhunter

Thursday 13th June, 2013

Deerhunter will be curating ATP's final seaside holidy camp festival event starting from next Friday 21st June, where they will play multiple sets including full performances of their albums Cryptograms, Microcastle and Halcyon Digest. Their event takes place at Pontins, Camber Sands from Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd June 2013. We have just released a limited amount of 2 berth chalets for the event, click here to buy one.

We can now announce some extracurricular activities...


Lord Sinclair will be hosting Book Bingo and Rock N Roll Bingo again at this year’s ATP, taking place in Queen Vic at 1pm on Saturday. Book Bingo is a chance for fans to pass on cherished books and discover new favourites. Fans will be asked to donate books before the start of the game, as it is as much about sharing books you have enjoyed as playing Bingo, and we will also have some new books provided by publishers and other generous organizations. Every bingo call is a quote from a book and the first person to the name the book wins a book from those donated. Book Bingo has been very popular at other ATP’s and gives anyone with a love of books the opportunity to go home with a new treasure.


Test your music knowledge with name that intro, the picture round and the infamous drawing duel. Exclusive ATP Prizes to be won! The quiz takes place In the Queen Vic at 1pm on the Sunday - you can sign up your team in advance at the Bingo the day before.


For recent ATP festivals we’ve been running Mixtape (or CD to be accurate!) Swap with attendees, all of which have been very successful, with hundreds of people taking part. Each time we do it we pick another concept that people can choose to inspire their mix. For this event people could choose from either a Summer Mixtape - where the theme is music that reminds you of the summer/sunny weather or Soundtrack Of Your Life - Starting with a track from the first album you bought and ending with a track from the most recent, with songs that have been important to you through your life inbetween. The swap will take place at 12.30pm on Saturday in the Queen Vic.


Everyone loves Karaoke. You can try your best to hide it but we know underneath that cool exterior lies a Bonnie Tyler, Alice Cooper or even a Freddie waiting to belt out a cracking performance! Whether you feel like having a bit of fun by watching others step up or you’ve packed a Jon Bon Jovi wig ready for your chance to shine, join Ed & Woody in the Queen Vic on Saturday for some big songs, big fun and possibly even some big surprises...and Kiss From A Rose.