Vincent Moon's FROM ATP film series to screen at ATP's End Of An Era festivals

Monday 30th September, 2013

Today we're pleased to be able to confirm the following film screenings for both of our End Of An Era festivals in Camber Sands, England this November:

FROM ATP is a series of films by Vincent Moon, shot over 7 different ATP festivals. All between 25 and 35min long, they try to encapsulate the gonzo energy of the festival, mixing cult live shows with late night home parties, drunk dancing with hyperactive filming, following each time the voice of a narrator to whom it was asked - where is music coming from? From Lydia Lunch to Damo Suzuki, from Dave Dirty Projectors to Josh T. Pearson, a sonic gallery of our forgivable excesses.

The films were funded through Kickstarter and ATP are very pleased to be able to screen 6 of the completed films at the two final UK holiday camp events.

End Of An Era Weekend 1 is sold out. Weekend 2 running from November 29th-December 1st is almost sold out - remaining tickets on sale now.

Here are more details on the films to be screened...

filmed at Nightmare Before Christmas 2006 curated by Thurston Moore

volume 1 FROM SMOKE:
narrated by Damo Suzuki, filmed at Nightmare Before Christmas 2007 curated by Portishead

volume 2 FROM MIDDEN:
narrated by David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors, filmed at ATP vs Pitchfork 2008

volume 3 FROM GHOSTS:
narrated by Saul Williams, filmed at ATP curated by Explosions In The Sky 2008

narrated by Lydia Lunch, filmed at Nightmare Before Christmas curated by Melvins/Mike Patton 2008

volume 6 FROM GOD:
narrated by Josh T Pearson, filmed at Ten Years Of ATP 2009