Chalet Share (For Pairs)

If you wish to attend but can't find four people or more to fill a chalet, you can now buy a pair of tickets and we can match you up with other people to share a chalet. We have done this for a number of previous events and find it's a great way for smaller groups to be able to attend the event. Some testimony from previous chalet sharers:

"My boyfriend and I shared a chalet with two awesome ladies and had a blast! We came from the states, so it was a great way to meet new people and hang out." - Susan

"I hardly knew any of the guys I shared with at Shellac ATP, but loved the atmosphere. It actually turned out to be better than sharing with friends, and I'll surely be in touch with them for future gigs and festivals." - Grazia

"I met my friend Jeffrey through chalet-sharing at ATP. We had a great time, now deliberately share, and are basically related as a result. I've since introduced Jeffrey to another friend of mine; and now they're married. So it could be argued that chalet-sharing is responsible for two new families." - Derrick

For full details and to apply click this link.