Paradise Lost - Screening at ATP this weekend

Wednesday 1st December, 2010

The Paradise Lost films tell the true story of one of the most notorious murder cases in US history which three Arkansas teenagers were charged with the brutal killings of three 8 year old boys, in what's become known as the case of the West Memphis Three.

Fraught with accusations of devil worship, allegations of coerced confessions and emotionally charged statements, the trial, and its aftermath, was one of the most sensational of recent times, with many claiming the trio had been wrongly convicted in an atmosphere of "Satanic Panic".

The filmmakers captured these shocking events as they unfolded before their cameras with unprecedented access to all involved in this real-life human drama.

For the last 17 years the West Memphis Three have been in prison, one on death row, but new evidence has strengthened the argument the three are innocent.

With a new court hearing finally announced after 17 years of campaigning by an international movement to "Free the West Memphis Three" it's time get up to speed on one of the most shocking murder cases of recent history.

The films will screen on ATP TV on Sunday at 11:40am and 2:15pm.

Special edition double-feature DVD from Warp Films will be  available from merchandise in the Pavilion - ATP weekend only offer ­ £5 (RRP £19.99)

Free the West Memphis Three: <>

"They were incarcerated through ignorance and a blindness that is as infuriating as it is horrifying.  These three are innocent and to stand for the kind of insanity that convicted them is to align oneself with all that is bad."  Henry Rollins

"I firmly believe they are totally innocent."  Johnny Depp

"Breathtakingly brilliant documentaries" - GQ

"Mesmerizing...true crime reporting at its most bitterly revealing." - The New York Times

"Gripping ... The best documentary of the year, maybe of the decade." - The New York Post

"Stunning...... As good as non-fiction film gets." - The Los Angeles Times

"There's horror in the Bible Belt in this blistering double
doc...incendiary." - Total Film