ATP USA - Important info for Ticketmaster Customers regarding refunded tickets

Friday 20th July, 2012

Unfortunately without warning Ticketmaster have decided to refund a group of ticketholders for ATP USA, and have emailed them to say the event has been cancelled. It has not - please see this link for details of a move to a new location on the same dates.

If you received this email, but still wish to attend, due to Ticketmaster's error you will need to rebook your tickets which you can do at Ticketweb. Ticketweb actually have a lower booking fee than Ticketmaster.

If you wish to wait until the refund from Ticketmaster has credited to you so that you have the money to repurchase; that is no problem - we will hold back the same amount of tickets off sale to cover the small group experiencing this problem - if by the time you rebook the ticket type you want is not available, email us back at and we will be able to sell them to you directly.

Thank you for your understanding and again we're very sorry that this problem has occurred - which was against our wishes and instructions to the company. We also apologise for not being able
to email you all directly yet; Ticketmaster have not been able to give us the information on who has been affected at this point.

Yours sincerely,