Endless Boogie Mini Interview (playing I'll Be Your Mirror in NYC)

Friday 14th September, 2012

Another in a series of mini interviews with artists performing at I'll Be Your Mirror USA in New York City this September. Tickets for the event running next week September 21-23rd at Pier 36, Manhattan are on sale now. Endless Boogie play Sunday 23rd curated by ATP. Thanks to Jesper from the band for his answers below...

Name Of Band:
Endless Boogie

Hometown: NYC

Year Formed: 1998 maybe, can't quite recall. First show was in January 2001.


"Outta the gate I gotta say writin' about a release called 'Full House Head' & failin to mention J Geils Band is harder than findin' a white bean in a black cat's ass. Not that I got anything against 'em, hell, the ex-Mr. Faye Dunaway had that ass whoopin' comin' from me in Louisville back 'round 75. And like I told Seth Justman that night too "I got a Hotline for ya, shorty; my fist up side your head". Think It Over indeed, my little Beantown bud.

And while we's is on the subject of a thumpin', how about this new knockout from Endless Boogie what's called 'Full House Head'? It's done got me all riled up! Over the course of more than a decade long career I've watched this bunch morph from mutant hominid bar choogle to luxuriating' in fissions that split open a portal what connected Coloured Balls & Velvet Underground to now redefinin' what Rock IS in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century. The production's spiffier, the rhythm's cagier, the solo's sharper & the singin, witchier. It's comfort y'all, the comfort to rock it both languorously & intricately. This zone is short of pretense & long in talent. Given the breadth of the excellence what's passed through afore, you might spin this & hear everything from Patto note moaners & Groundhogs riffage, to Seeds-like chatter or even goddamn 'Exile era Stones texturalization. But it ain't none of that, cause it can't be. The future is always steeped in the past & originality is invested in those who don't dial it in. And Endless Boogie most certainly walk it like they rock it. This may be called OFull House Head', but you can beat me with a corncob harmonica & call me Magic Dick if the contents therein ain't that of a Royal Flush Jam.

And I should know, because I have ears.

Roland Woodbe,
Professional Listener"

What are the most recent activities of your band?

Just finished recording a new album to be out on No Quarter records in January 2013.

How do you feel about being picked by ATP and how excited are you about playing the event?

ATP is always an honor to play, it is organized by thee best people in the biz - really fun to be able to do it at home this time too.

Are there any other currently confirmed bands you are excited about seeing?

Chavez! And The Oh Sees are always great.

What else will be be doing whilst you are in New York for this event?

We live here. We drink at Milano's and Max Fish. We eat chicken sandwiches at the Commodore.

What's your most memorable NY show (if you've played one)?

The benefit we played at a biker club on Maujer street in Brooklyn for local hero "shit happens" Rob, several years ago now, maybe 2007?

If you were curating name three bands you would pick to play your event:

Coloured Balls

One of these three could actually be possible.

What record are you currently listening to more than others?

'Bottom Feeder' by Degreaser. 'Real Women' by Mount Carmel. Other than that it's just Slim Gaillard and Bo Diddley as always

If you could pick one of your records for ATP fans to listen to, which would you chose?

Full House Head.