Some more info regarding the rescheduling of ATP curated by Jeff Mangum - updated Thursday

Thursday 20th October, 2011

It should be noted that the decision to postpone the ATP curated by Jeff Mangum festival as made earlier today was not Jeff Mangum's and he is as disappointed as everyone else that the festival is not taking place on the original date.

We've already locked in a group of the previously announced line-up artists with more replies coming in hour by hour as well as some great new additions for anyone who is able to bear with us.

Thanks again for your understanding.

Addendum on Thursday:

Butlins have let us know they have yet to update their site to take off the 70s event currently listed on there on 9th-11th March - it should come down very soon. It should also be noted the event they are now running in December has been put together by them in the last week and has nothing to do with our rescheduling Jeff's weekend.