Details on BOREDOMS performance at ATP curated by Jeff Mangum

Wednesday 1st February, 2012

Previous ATP festivals have featured some incredible performances from the Boredoms, most memorably with the Boadrum multiple drummer shows which have blown minds every time they have taken place.

We can now confirm some more details from the band on their show at ATP curated by Jeff Mangum:

"In 2012, their performances will be very rare and entirely new. Eye will play with 5 drummers, and 14 guitar players, less a conductor and more the nexus of an energy orb. Music and performance are intertwined and for the boredoms it is a living and breathing whole.

A being, greater than the some of its parts, and ever evolving. Join the experience and be part of the evolution. It will change how you listen to and how you see music and musical performance."

Tickets are available now for the Festival.