Raffle Prizes

See below for a list of the donated prizes for our raffle - for info on the event click here!

1 Large 10 Years of ATP T-Shirt
2 4AD clear Unmarked and very rare Tuneyards Gangsta / Bizness  7” vinyl
2 pairs of Dean Wareham tickets at XOYO on the 24th April 2011
4 Tickets for Bill Callahan at Manchester Central Methodist Hall
5 Animal Collective ‘Writers Series’ Samplers
A pair of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti tickets at KOKO on 13th May 2011
A pair of Avi Buffalo tickets at KOKO on 12th July 2011
A pair of Cults tickets at Scala on 24th May 2011
A pair of Deerhoof tickets at The Garage on 4th May 2011
A pair of Flaming Lips performing ‘The Soft Bulletin’ tickets at Alexandra Palace on 1st July 2011
A pair of Mercury Rev Tickets at The Roundhouse on 21st May 2011
A pair of Phosphorescent tickets at Heaven on 7th June 2011
A Sub Pop Woolly Hat
About Group ‘Start and Complete’ 12” LP
Air Formation 7”
Alexander Tucker ‘Furrowed Brow’ CD album
Alexander Tucker ‘Old Fog’ CD Album
Alexander Tucker ‘Portal’ CD Album
Apse ‘3.1’ 7” Single
Apse ‘Climb Up’ 12” LP Album
Apse ‘Climb Up’ CD Album
Apse ‘Spirit’ CD Album
Arctic Monkeys Large Male T-Shirt
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti ‘Before Today’ CD album
Arthur Russell ‘World Of Echo’ CD album
ATP ‘1.0’ 12” LP 1
ATP ‘1.0’ CD album
ATP ‘2.0’ Shellac CD album
ATP ‘3.1’ Matt Groening CD album
ATP ‘Bowlie 2’ Medium Hoodie
ATP ‘Bowlie 2’ Poster by Michael Motorcycle
ATP AMOS Inbetween Days Medium T-shirt
ATP at Primavera 2009 Poster
ATP curated by Animal Collective 4 Berth Self Catering Chalet
ATP Curated by Dirty Three poster
ATP Curated by Explosions In The Sky Poster
ATP curated by Jeff Mangum 4 Berth Chalet
ATP Curated by Matt Groening Black Tee Small
ATP Curated by Matt Groening Blue Tee XL
ATP Curated by Matt Groening Poster
ATP curated by Melvins & Mike Patton Poster
ATP curated by Melvins poster by Michael Motorcycle
ATP Curated by My Bloody Valentine Hoodie S
ATP Curated by My Bloody Valentine Poster 2009
ATP Curated by My Bloody Valentine White M Ladies Tee
ATP Curated by Pavement Poster
ATP Curated by Pitchfork Poster
ATP Curated by Pitchfork S Tee Ladies
ATP Curated by Portishead Hoodie Large
ATP curated by The Breeders Limited Poster
ATP curated by The Breeders Medium Jacket
ATP curated by The Breeders Small T-shirt
ATP Curated by The Mars Volta M Tee
ATP Curated by United Sounds M Ladies Tee
ATP Curated by United Sounds Poster (Yyy, Mudhoney, Devendra)
ATP Curated by Unted Sounds (Sleater, Dino, Shins)
ATP Don’t Look Back Chicago - Pitchfork Festival Poster
ATP Don’t Look Back Girls Against Boys Poster
ATP Large Male Polo T-shirt
ATP New York 2008 Kii Poster
ATP New York curated by My Bloody Valentine Large Male T-shirt
ATP New York curated by My Bloody Valentine Michael Motorcycle Poster
ATP Nightmare Before Christmas 2011 curated by Battles, Les Savy Fav & Caribou  4 Berth Chalet
ATP Versus The Fans II Poster by Kii Arens
ATP Versus The Fans II XL Tee
ATP Vs Fans 2 Michael Motorcycle Poster
ATP Vs Fans 2 Poster
ATP vs Fans 2007 Small Male T-shirt
ATP XS Polo T-shirt
ATPR 10” Record Store Day 2010 Sampler
Autechre ‘EPs 1991-2002’ CD Box Set
Autechre T-shirts, both in size S x 2
Autolux ‘Supertoys’ 10” Single
Autolux ‘Transit Transit’ 12"
Autolux ‘Transit Transit’ CD
Bardo Pond ‘Selections I-IV’ CD
Bardo Pond ‘Ticket Crystals’ CD
Battles ‘Ice Cream’ Signed Single Art Test Print (Only 1 in existence!)
Beach Boys ‘Christmas with…’ CD
Beach Boys ‘Concert / Live In London’ CD
Beach Boys ‘Endless Harmony’ CD
Beach Boys ‘I Love You’ CD
Beach Boys ‘Today / Summer Days’ CD
Belle & Sebastian ‘BBC Sessions’ 12"
Belle & Sebastian 12"
Bibio LPT - T-shirt size XL
Brandt Peters ‘Dolbee’ Vinyl Toy
Brian Eno 'Small Craft' LTD Edition Box set
Built to Spill ‘Don’t Look Back’ gig poster
Built to Spill ‘There Is No Enemy’ 12"
Built to Spill ‘There Is No Enemy’ CD
Buzzcocks ‘A Different Kind Of Tension’ Deluxe Edition CD
Buzzcocks ‘Finest’ CD
Buzzcocks ‘Inventory’ CD Box Set
Buzzcocks ‘Love Bites’ Deluxe Edition CD
Buzzcocks ‘Singles Going Steady’ CD
Chris Cunningham ‘Rubber Johnny’ Poster Signed by Chris Cunningham
Cocteau Twins ‘Head Over Heels’ CD album
Colin Stetson ‘New History Warfare’ CD album
Constellation Records Medium T-Shirt
Cornelius ‘Point’ 12"
Dave Gahan ‘Kingdom’ Picture 7"
Dave Gahan ‘Saw Something’ Picture 7"
Death Vessel ‘Stay Close’ CD
Deep Cut ‘Singles’ 7" x 2
Deerhoof ‘Custom Made’ 7"
Deerhoof ‘Deerhoof vs Evil’ 12"
Deerhoof ‘Deerhoof vs Evil’ CD
Deerhoof ‘Green Cosmos’ CD
Deerhoof ‘Matchbook Seeks Maniac’ 7"
Deerhoof ‘Milk Man’ CD
Deerhoof ‘Offend Maggie’ 12"
Deerhoof ‘Offend Maggie’ CD
Deerhoof ‘Runners Four’ CD
Deerhoof ‘Super Duper Rescue Heads’ 7"
Deerhunter ‘Rainwater Cassette Exchange’ CD album
Deerhunter Limited Edition Cassette (rare!)
Def Jam 25th Anniversary 'Crate' Box set
Depeche Mode ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ Box set
Dirty Projectors Large Male T-Shirt
Dirty Projectors Small Ladies T-shirt
Dirty Projectors XL Male T-Shirt
Dusty Springfield Box Set (TBC)
Entry to all gigs promoted by The Quietus in 2011!
Envy 'Recitation' Test Pressing 2xLP (RARE)
Errors 'Celebrity Come Down With Me' Test Pressing
Errors 'Come Down With Me' Test Pressing
Esben And The Witch ‘Marching Song’ 12"
Esben And The Witch ‘Violet Cries’
Exit Calm 7"
Flying Lotus ‘Cosmogramma’ CD
Framed Pixies 'Doolittle' Album Sleeve 3' x 3'
Franz Ferdinand Covers E.P. 12" (Record Store Day Exclusive!)
Franz Ferdinand Male Small T-shirt
Fuck Buttons ‘Street Horrrsing’ 12"
Fuck Buttons ‘Street Horrrsing’ CD
Fuck Buttons ‘Tarot Sport’ 12"
Fuck Buttons ‘Tarot Sport’ CD
Fucked Up ‘Year of the Ox’ 12"
Fursaxa ‘Alone In The Dark Wood’ CD
Fursaxa ‘Mycorrhizae Realm’ 12"
Fursaxa ‘Mycorrhizae Realm’ CD
Gareth Liddiard ‘Strange Tourist’ 12" Album
Gareth Liddiard ‘Strange Tourist’ CD Album
Glasser ‘Ring’ CD Album
Gonjasufi ‘A Sufi & A Killer’ CD Album
Grinderman ‘Evil’ 12" (Record Store Day Exclusive!)
Grinderman ‘II’ CD album
Grinderman ‘II’ Poster
Grinderman ‘Palaces Of Montezuma’ 12"
Grinderman ‘Set Me Free’ 7"
Grinderman ‘Worm Tamer’ 12"
Grizzly Bear ‘Friend’ EP
Guided By Voices ‘Under The Bushes Under The Stars’ 12"
Hot Chip 'All Filler No Killer' Promo CD x 4
Hot Chip 'Colours' 7" x 5
Hot Chip 'Hold On / Touch Too Much' remixes 12"
Hot Chip 'Made In The Dark' Deluxe CD album
Hot Chip 'One Life Stand' 12" album x 2
Hot Chip 'One Pure Thought' 12" Single
Hot Chip 'Over and Over' 7" x 5
Hot Chip 'Ready For The Floor' CD Single Box Set x 2
Hot Chip 'We Have Remixes' 12" single
Hudson Mohawke ‘Butter Tub’ CD + T-shirt + Sticker Edition - Tshirt Size M
I'll Be Your Mirror London Tickets
In Between Days 2010 Poster by AMOS
Inspiral Carpets ‘Greatest Hits’ Signed x 2
Interpol ‘Antics’ 12"
Interpol ‘Obstacle 1’ remixes 12"
Interpol ‘Slow Hands’ 7"
Intro to Chess Records Box Set
Intro to Northern Sould Box Set
Intro to Sugar Hill Box Set
Iron & Wine ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’ CD album
Iron & Wine ‘Walking Far From Home’ 7"
Iron Maiden ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ CD
Iron Maiden ‘Brave New World’ CD
Iron Maiden ‘Dance Of Death’
Iron Maiden ‘Fear of the Dark’ Enhanced CD
Iron Maiden ‘Iron Maiden’ Enhanced CD
Iron Maiden ‘Killers’ Enhanced CD
Jackie O Motherfucker ‘Fig.5’ CD
Jackie O Motherfucker ‘Flags’ CD
Jackie O Motherfucker ‘Liberation’ CD
James Yorkston 'It's Lovely To Be Heard' 10" RSD!
Jamie Lidell ‘Compass’ Signed CD
Josh T Pearson ‘Country Dumb’ 12” (Record Store Day!)
Kathie Olivas Dolbee Vinyl Toy
Kurt Vile ‘Smoke Ring For My Halo’ 12"
Liars ‘Live’ EP x 2
Liars ‘Sisterworld’ 4 track sampler
Liars SIGNED ‘Sisterworld’ CD deluxe
Lonepigeon CD Box Set
Mad L Dolbee Vinyl Toy
Magazine ‘Magic, Murder And The Weather’ CD
Magazine ‘Peel Sessions’ CD
Magazine ‘Play’ CD
Magazine ‘Rays & Hail’ CD
Magazine ‘Real Life’ CD
Magazine ‘Secondhand Daylight’ CD
Magazine ‘Where The Power Is’ CD
Magic Band ‘Back To The Front’ CD
Matador ‘21’ 12"
Melvins Dolbee Vinyl Toy
Michael Motorcycle Dolbee Vinyl Toy
Mick Harvey ‘Sketches From The Book of the Dead 12"
Mick Turner Dolbee Vinyl Toy
Misc Rock Action 7"S
Modest Mouse ‘Night On The Sun’
Mogwai 'Hardcore' LP Box Set
Mogwai 'Hardcore' Test Pressing 3 12" (RARE!)
Mogwai 'Mexican Grand Prix' 7"
Mogwai 'Rano Pano' 7"
Mogwai 'Special Moves' Lp Box Set
Mogwai 'Special Moves' Test Pressing 2 12" (RARE!)
Mogwai 'Young Team' Box Set
Mogwai 'Zidane' Lp
Mogwai ‘Hardcore’ Boxset
Mogwai ‘The Hawk Is Howling’ 12"
Mogwai / Fuck Buttons Split EP (RARE!)
Musique Fragile 01
Mute ‘Vorwarts’ 12"
New Pornographers ‘Together’ 12"
Oasis ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ Boxset
Olympians ‘Blue’ 12"
Pete Fowler Dolbee Vinyl Toy
Pitchfork Festival Vip Tickets X 2 (EVENT IS SOLD OUT!)
Pixies ‘Surfer Rosa’ Cd Album
Portishead ‘3rd’ 2xlp
Portishead ‘Magic Doors’ 12"
Portishead ‘The Rip’ 12"
Portishead Large Ladies P T-Shirt
Portishead Large Machine Gun T-Shirt
Portishead Large Mens T-Shirt
Portishead Medium Hoodie
Portishead Mugs X 2
Portishead Small Hoodie
Portishead Small Ladies Atp T-Shirt
Portishead Small Ladies P T-Shirt
Portishead Small Ladies T-Shirt
Primal Scream 'Big Man And Scream Team' 10" X 2
Pris 7"
Queen ‘A Day At The Races’ Lp
Queen ‘A Kind Of Magic’ Lp
Queen ‘A Night At The Opera’ Lp X 2
Queen ‘Absolute Greatest’ Boxsets X8
Queen ‘Flash Gordon’ Soundtrack Lp
Queen ‘Hot Space’ Lp
Queen ‘Made In Heaven’ Lp X2
Queen ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ Lp
Queen ‘The Game’ Lp
Record Store Day exclusive Arctic Monkeys Brick By Brick 7”
Red Hot Blue Dvd
Rekords Rekords 10" Sampler (Record Store Day!)
Rekords Rekords Mugs X 5
REM ‘Document’ Cd
REM ‘Eponymous’ Cd
REM ‘Life's Rich Pageant’ Cd
REM ‘Singles’ Cd
Remember Remember 'rr Scorpii' Test Pressing
Ringo Deathstar / The Depreciation Guild Split 7"
Ringo Deathstar 7"
Rock Action Catalogue Vinyl (Various items)
Roxy Music ‘Avalon’ Cd Remastered
Roxy Music ‘Country Life’ Cd Remastered
Roxy Music ‘For Your Pleasure’ Cd
Roxy Music ‘S/T’ Cd Remastered
Roxy Music ‘Stranded’ Cd Remastered
Scientists ‘Sedition’ Cd
Signed Inspiral Carpets Photo X5
Signed Josh T Pearson Posters X2
Signed Richard Hawley Photo
Signed Yazoo Setlist And Photo
Siskyou Cd Album
Sket 1 Dolbee Vinyl Toy
Sleater Kinney 12"
Sleepy Sun ‘Embrace’ Cd
Sleepy Sun ‘Fever’ Cd
Sleepy Sun ‘Sleepy Son’ 10"
Smith Westerns Male L T-Shirt
Sound Cloud 1 Year Premium
Spc Eco 7"
Spiritualized Box Set (RARE AND POSH)
Stevie Wonder Box Set
Strokes ‘Angles’ Cd Album
Sub Pop Nike Trainers (RARE AND SWISH)  
Sub Pop Turntable Mat.
Sweet Fifteen Compilations X5
Sy Italian Dlb Tour Poster
Tara McPherson Dolbee Vinyl  Toy
The Band ‘Cahoots’ Cd
The Band ‘Islands’ Cd
The Band ‘Music From The Big Pink’ Cd
The Band ‘Northern Lights Southern Cross’ Cd
The Band ‘Stage Fright’ Cd
The Band ‘The Band’ Cd
The Big Pink ‘History Of Love’ Album
The Drones ‘Custom Made’ 2 x 7"
The Drones ‘Gala Mill’ CD
The Drones ‘Havilah’ 12"
The Drones ‘Havilah’ CD
The Drones ‘Shark Fin Blues’ 7"
The Drones ‘The Minotaur’ 12"
The Drones ‘Wait Long By The River....’ CD
The Groundhogs ‘Split’ CD
The Groundhogs ‘Thank Christ For The Bomb’ CD
The Kills Manchester Central Methodist Hall X 4
The Kills Satellite 10" Rsd!
The Megophonic ‘Thrift’ 7"
The National ‘Anyone's Ghost’ Cd Promo
The National ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ 7"
The National ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ Cd Promo
The National ‘Terrible Love’ Cd Promo
The Zephrys 7"
Thin Lizzy Box Set Tbc
Threnody Ensemble ‘Timbre Hollow’ Cd
Tim Biskup ‘Dolbee’ Vinyl Toy
Tim Biskup Special Tee Xxl
Tuneyards Cassette
Velvet Underground ‘Peel Slowly’ Box Set X2
Villager 12" ‘Live At Workman's Club’ (Record Store Day)
Warp20 ‘Recreated’ Cd
White Out Cd
Wild Beasts ‘Albatross’ 7" (Record Store Day!)
Wild Beasts L Male T-Shirt
Yann Tiersen CD
Yeasayer ‘All Hour Cymbals’ Cd Album
Yeasayer ‘Madder Red’ Cd Promo
Yo La Tengo ‘Autumn Sweater’ 12"
Yo La Tengo ‘Here To Fall’ Remixes 12"