Tim Biskup presents Art-Snob Eat Shit at Nightmare Before Christmas

Wednesday 11th November, 2009

In addition to designing the poster, tee shirts and other graphics for the forthcoming my bloody valentine curated Nightmare Before Christmas event, artist Tim Biskup will be presenting an exhibition of his work in our on-site gallery, named Art-Snob Eat Shit.

The show will be a decidedly casual affair where you will be able to interact with the artist and play with the art. The idea is to let go of the stuffy-ness of the traditional art gallery and embrace the recklessness of life. The title of the show, "Art-Snob Eat Shit", is not just a tip-of-the-hat to John Zorn, but a comment on the elitism that pervades the art world.

For more info on Tim and his work click here.