ATP Vs The Fans Part II: The Fans Strike Back - News

ATP competition/article in NME this week

03 Apr 2009 11:24

You may be interested to know that there's a three page article in this week's NME featuring an ATP May preview and an interview with Steve Albini...

Voting now finished for ATP: Fans

24 Mar 2009 09:05

Just a quick note to say that voting has now officially finished for ATP: The Fans Strike Back. Thanks to everyone that's taken part...

Fans Round Two Chart Up / Limited Two Berth Chalets Available!

20 Mar 2009 13:00

Okay so here's the chart for the bands you voted for who have played ATP before...

Intro Competition Closed

16 Mar 2009 00:16

Entry to the Intro competition for The Fans Strike Back has now officially closed. Thanks to everyone who entered...

Round Two of ATP: Fans Voting Starts Today!

13 Mar 2009 16:22

The voting for Round Two of The Fans Strike Back begins from today, and here's how it works...

!!! Confirm For ATP: Fans !!!

11 Mar 2009 09:35

We hope you'll be pleased to hear that one of your top choices from yesterday's chart, !!!, have now confirmed for ATP: The Fans Strike Back! This is their first UK show for quite a while so we're very happy to have them.

Lydia Lunch Curating Spoken Word Stage at ATP: Fans!

10 Mar 2009 15:55

We're very happy to announce today that LYDIA LUNCH will be hosting a spoken word stage on Sunday 10th May around midday in the Crazy Horse venue as part of ATP: The Fans Strike Back. It's going under the name Horribly True Confessions and will feature performances by the following writers...

Chart Update - Vote Round One Finished, Round Two Starting Soon!

10 Mar 2009 12:32

This chart update is the final one for round one of the ATP: Fans Strike Back vote. We will be asking the top 2 bands from the chart, and if we don't get any luck with them move on to 3 and 4...

Fans ATP: All 5 Berth Chalets Sold Out

04 Mar 2009 17:41

All of the five berth chalets for this May's ATP: The Fans Strike Back festival have now SOLD OUT...

Chart Update / Important Info For Those Yet To Vote / 2 Berth Chalet Waiting List

04 Mar 2009 15:47

We're aware that some of you have yet to vote. If you're having any trouble getting your voting information then please contact us at as soon as possible so we can sort it out for you as the first round of voting will close soon. And remember if you're the chalet buyer you have to send out invitations for all of the other people in your chalet to vote!