Book Bingo at December ATPs - Donations needed!

Monday 19th November, 2012

Lord Sinclair will be hosting Book Bingo again at this year's ATP, taking place in the Queen Vic at 2pm on Saturday at both the Nightmare Before Christmas curated by Shellac and ATP curated by The National.

Book Bingo is a chance for fans to pass on cherished books and discover new favourites. Fans will be asked to donate books before the start of the game, as it is as much about sharing books you have enjoyed as playing Bingo, and we will also have some new books provided by publishers and other generous organizations.

Every bingo call is a quote from a book and the first person to the name the book wins a book from those donated. Book Bingo has been very popular at other ATP's and gives anyone with a love of books the opportunity to go home with a new treasure.

Please bring some books to make it a big success!