Vote for the winners of our Record Store Day competition

Tuesday 30th April, 2013


All of last week we were runing a special competition based around our billboard at London's Rough Trade East to coincide with Record Store Day.

We'll be picking someone to win 4 tickets to all three of our summer events - I'll Be Your Mirror curated by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ATP curated by TV On The Radio and ATP curated by Deerhunter!

To be in with a chance of winning, we were asking people to take a photo of themselves in front of the billboard holding up a piece of music that they connect in some way to the ATP festivals. We then asked them to post the photo on our Facebook page: All Tomorrow's Parties explaining in the accompanying text why they connect the music with ATP. We have picked 5 finalists out of the submissions and we want you to help us pick the winners.

Take a look at the 5 pictures and stories below, and then head over to our Facebook to cast your vote!

Finalist 1 - Alma Fae:

Yay .. A big poster in London to be photographed in front of and win an ace prize.. So at 4.30am Thursday 25th April..I got up in Lancaster... Thats in the North of England to get the train the 250 miles or so to seek out the massive poster so I could tell you about why I love ATP and Bon Iver (For Emma, Forever Ago). Stuck at home with a serious illness (No Joke) I knew nothing of music really but found myself with allot of time, my amazing friends introduced me to a whole new world of music and i listened to loud music and sang everyday determined to get better, listening to lots of new stuff (well I had time)

Bon Iver was one of these bands (thanks Gary Cookson). One year in little (Well 7 of us) gang and I went to The Breeders ATP (my first time) at Minehead and This was the most fantastic weekend ever - The Breeders, Holy Fuck, CSS, Deerhunter, Foals (to name a few outstanding moments) - The Breeders involved themselves so much with the festival it made it so perfect, But when I watched Bon Iver, I literally cried for my life such an amazing voice and sound - Tears though most of the gig it is a stand out moment in my life to listen to something so amazing – standing with people I love - and who have supported me so much, in such an amazing festival.

I found my soul at ATP most prob listening to Bon Iver … ATP became a symbol to me of my recovery every-time i booked one i spend months planning and looking forward to the next time, listening to all the music - 5 Years in May since diagnosis and 4 years since my first ATP - so if you pick me I will celebrate life at ATP with my ATP gang who gave me the gift of music in my life and who never fail to make me laugh, even in the darkest of times. I will also bring some of my lovely friends and carers who need some musical input and a nice break to Deerhunter because it would be the best gift and nowhere near what they deserve....

It would be so ace to see so many of the bands that played at my first ATP (Breeders, Deerhunter, CSS, Atlas Sound) all that time ago. But you would have to go a long way to beat the emotion I felt watching Bon Iver the first time, I love this album. I love ATP. Haha - So pick me the girl who travelled 250 miles (and back in a day) to tell you all this and take a picture in front of a big poster - I will have a big smile and so will a few more lovely skint Northerners Xx Vicky Travers, Mark Travers, Sarah Cooney, Gary Cookson, Andy Fox and Michael Ruxton (facebook haters) - It's music that matters (and mates)! Xxx

Finalist 2 - Robert Davies:

Dear ATP,
Having met 'Thee Oh Sees', at the, Matt Groening, ATP Butlin's 2010, my boyfriend and I got them to sign our albums. We then decided it would be funny to draw on each others chests, versions of two of their album covers.
Later at their sound check, in 'Reds', we lifted our shirts and exposed our flesh. They stopped playing, roared with laughter, and Bridgid, (keyboards) jumped down from the stage and took our photo.
A year or so later and unbeknown to us, 'Thee Oh Sees', used the photo as the cover of their 'Singles Vol 1 & 2' double LP, which is what I'm holding.
We love our ATP festivals so much, we got engaged in our chalet in 2011. Crikey!
Robert and Sam XX
P.S. Would take our dear friends, Tom and Jo.

Finalist 3 - Ciara Movana:

That whole weekend was unreal. Dancing on stage with Big Boi, harrassing Lee Hunter from Hollyoaks, WET SOUNDS and Animal Collective TWICE OVER. When I got home I played Stawberry Jam over and over and over and over again. I'd take my ATP crew Megan Stanton, Lyndsay McCartney, Tomas Kemp!!!!!!!!! :)

Finalist 4 - Iain Campbell:

Seeing this while rifling through my records reminded me of ATP as a place where Terry Riley and Big Boi can be effective co-headliners, and then hang out together in Burger King afterwards. Lots of everything coming together from an unselfconscious love of music in an often very odd environment (from that Burger King to the filthy carpets and occasionally hilarious murals at Camber), that's ATP. That and singing songs about Ham Street. (Only complete with long-term chaletmates Ncl, Nat, and Natasha, of course.) — with Natasha Rubczak, Nat Alley and Ncl Rbczk.

Finalist 5 - Victoria Rick:

Black Lips are one of my favorite bands which I've never had the chance to see live, and when I found out they were playing at ATP festival (along pretty much everything else on my ipod.. breeders, kim gordon, css, deerhunter etcetc ♥ ) I knew I neeeeded to go!
Unfortunately, being a student in London, my stupidly small budget means I would never ever be able to afford it so this competition is pretty much my only chance. Please pick me!
I would take Patpat Patpat White, Liam Doocey and Jonathan Gilder, fellow poor students yet musical fanatics aha.