Ex Models

Having spent two previous albums folding increasingly mutilated guitar noise into minimalist hardcore, EX MODELS spent much of 2004 underground, doing nobody knows what. In 2005, they reemerged as a two piece mutilated guitar band sans hardcore, sans the entire rhythm section on which their early sound was founded. The new set-- two guitars, some boxes, and drum tapes-- is heavy, repetitive, and utterly mesmerizing guitar music, adducing early Neubauten, Terry Riley, and according to one critic, "the most challenging sections of White Light/White Heat". Chrome Panthers, their most recent LP on Troubleman Unlimited, trades the backing tapes for a reckless drum performance by Oneida's Kid Millions that makes the repetition seem less "fundustrial" and more psychedelic rock. Live, the band performs primarily as a two piece with visuals supplied by Brooklyn's infamous Mighty Robot A/V, but they are rumored to be experimenting with additional players to accommodate their increasingly strange material. They are currently working on a split 12" with Oneida, to be released on Brah/Jagjaguwar late 2006.

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