400 Blows

400 Blows are from the east side of Los Angeles. They are Ferdinand, Christian and Skot. In his earlier years, Skot survived a plane crash, reform school and a flirtation with upward mobility, finally to be saved by a single performance by The Cows. Upon witnessing this performance, he realized that it was his life?s calling to sing in a very loud band of his own design. Skot abandoned everything else and placed an ad in the La Weekly musicians wanted listing. He found Ferdinand, a Filipino national who had survived his own formative years in a corrugated tin and particle board shack with a dirt floor, in a vicious ghetto of Manila. In his early teens, Ferdie immigrated to Los Angeles, and became a mailman. Not long after joining 400 Blows, he had quit his job in order to tour, and cashed out his pension fund to help finance the band. Christian grew up in working class San Pedro listening to bands like Black Flag and the Minutemen. He has played in punk bands for years. He supports his music habit with a day job editing gay pornography, and is married to a very beautiful woman who can kick your ass. 400 Blows will be 400 Blows. No one has ever said of them that they are "Okay" or "Pretty Good". Their music is either strongly loved or hated. They couldn?t jump on a new trend if they tried. They sound like they do because that?s all they ever could sound like: pure honest energy released from these specific bodies and minds. They have to do it. It is a compulsion. There is a saying that I think pretty much sums up 400 Blows: Talent can do whatever it is capable of, but Genius can only do what it must. 400 Blows are either geniuses, or they are not. But they do what they must, and that to me is absolutely always genius. Love it or hate it.

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