Sunn 0))) and Boris present Altar

The “Altar” album is NOT a split album. “Altar” is a collaboration album between sunn 0))) and boris that is a result of both bands conceptualizing, writing and recording the album together as one entity. Both groups have stepped outside their previous sounds and created a wholly unique album that stands on its own unique ground. There are elements of each groups trademark sound within the album but true to each groups progressive and experimental aspects, “Altar” moves into a completely new dimension.

Also contributing additional entrancing textures are the guest collaborators on this album including:

-Jesse Sykes (vocalist:Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter) vocals on “Sinking Belle”. This track is completlely unlike either group has done before. Jesses’ dark, and haunting melodic vocals beautifully compliment the stark, pensive music written for this track. Imagine the angelic atmosphere of Hope Sandoval singing for Neil Young-era Crazy Horse.

-Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) guitar on “Blood Swamp”. Having seen both bands perform together Kim has become a devout follower of both and besides contributing some enthralling guitar work to the albums’ closing track, he penned the liner notes that accompany Altar!.

-Joe Preston (earth, thrones, melvins, high on fire) vocals on: “Akuma No Kuma”. Joe has performed on both White1 and White2 albums from sunn as well as toured with both bands He can also be called the “ambassador”as he is responsible for introducing sunn to boris. The project wouldnt have been complete without his bizarre, dark pschedelia staining the proceedings.

Bill Herzog, Phil Wandescher (Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter), Rex Ritter (Jessamine, Fontanelle), Tos Niewenhuizen (Beaver, GOD) , and Steve Moore (earth) all make contributions to this album as well. And certainly not last or least: Dylan Carlson plays on the vinyl only exclusive track: “Her Lips Were Wet With Venom”

The tones, emotions, and energy that lurks within Altar is beautifully ominous. It is a very bold statement from both artists that will not only appease the present cult following but brazenly induct new devotees.