Bird Blobs

Bird Blobs were a musical group from Melbourne, Australia. They formed in 2000 with Tim Evans and Ian Wadley as the core staff and only continuous members of the group. The first self-titled recording was performed with Evans on drums, with Wadley and Evans overdubbing the other instruments. Subsequently, this recording was been disowned by the band. Duncan Haigh joined briefly as a live drummer, but was eventually replaced by Tom Egg as the band's first permanent drummer. The line up was filled out by the inclusion of Karl Scullen on bass. With this line up, the Bird Blobs recorded an unreleased album in 2002, and then released their debut "official" album Stihl Life. The rhythm section was replaced, and final line up included Evans, Wadley, bassist Jordan Redaelli, and drummer Steve Masterson. With this line up they recorded the second self-titled full length album. Both their albums were released through the independent Tasmanian label Unstable Ape.

The band have toured the United States and UK, including playing the All Tomorrow's Parties music festival in December 2004. The band appeared on numerous compilations, and in 2006 the Bird Blobs song "Inbred Disco" was used in the soundtrack for the Australian film Suburban Mayhem. Bird Blobs dissolved whilst on tour, and have not publicly expressed any intentions of reforming.

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