Black Dice

Black Dice was born in 1997 in Providence, Rhode Island. Early singles on Gravity and Verminscum document their thrash sound before their move to NYC in 1999, where established the long-running lineup of Bjorn and Eric Copeland and Aaron Warren. Banned in the city, Black Dice relocated to Brooklyn, where they presently reside and continue releasing records and visual art (DFA Records, Picturebox Inc, Fusetron, et al). Known for their constant reinvention as well as the volume of their live shows, Black Dice continue to create a wide musical world for themselves with a vast vocabulary of sounds in which to play.

Alongside museum appearances and galleries, Black Dice have also managed to keep an extreme DIY approach to their work, finding equal homes in basements and warehouses as well as more formal spaces. Working in relative seclusion in their own basement, Black Dice's excursions out into the world have the ability to confound or envelope an audience. Often times it's a little of both. Maybe they need to get out more, as they often seem to be sinking deeper into their own world, with their own rules and customs.

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