Blue Orchids

Martin Bramah’s decision to reform Blue Orchids in September 2012 was eagerly welcomed by the band’s legion of fans.

Originally formed in 1979, after Bramah had departed The Fall,  Blue Orchids is viewed, by many commentators, as one of a handful of post-punk outfits that delivered quality material with great songs and a mesmerising live act, and which has consequently stood the test of time.

Martin’s most recent band, “Factory Star”, had been playing a number of Blue Orchids songs in their set and the positive reaction to these meant the move to recreate the Orchids sound was highly anticipated.

Bramah, on lead vocal and guitar, uses the core of the Factory Star band with the addition of Ann Matthews of Ectogram and Fflaps on guitar. John Paul Moran (aka Hop Man Jr) plays keyboards, Chris Dutton plays bass, and Chris Connolly, a recent addition, is on drums..

Gigging around the country over the last six months the band has consistently received a rapturous reception wherever they have played. With a selection of material from the bands four main albums – The Greatest Hit, The Sleeper, Mystic Bud and Slum Cavern Jest – Bramah’s shamanic stage presence is not to be missed,  as he delivers his songs with the fevered intensity of a travelling preacher man.

Backed by a tight rhythm section, the signature Orchids keyboard sound, and Matthews’ guitar, the band both respects the source material but takes it to a new and contemporary level. Classic tunes like “The Flood”, “Work” and “Bad Education” are delivered with equal measures of passion and venom to create a singular and memorable live experience.

“………songs sound utterly timeless and that swirling keyboard is still the defining feature of those great haunting songs that echo through the decades.” John Robb, Louder Than War

Written by Bob Osborne

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