Cam Butler & The Shadows Of Love

Cam Butler (Cam Butler & The Shadows Of Love,The Coralinas, Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions, Silver Ray) is a unique electric guitarist and composer with an instantly recognisable sound. Rather than relying on fx, Cam uses plectrums, his fingers, found objects, brushes, capos and tunings to fashion his soulful, 21st century guitar music. A lover of the sound of strings, he has composed epic music for string quartets, string orchestras, singers and bands.

Save My Soul (Symphony No. 3) is the follow up album to Cam's album of 2008, Dark Times (Symphony No. 2). Featuring a true symphonic lineup of a 23 piece string section, orchestral harp, timpani and percussion, drums, acoustic guitars and solo electric guitar, the result is the finest example yet of Cam's orchestral vision to combine modern electric guitar techniques and sound with string orchestras. With a timeless, quasi-modal sound, the music of Save My Soul is deliberately written in related keys - A minor / A major, D minor - and has a basic 3/4 pulse through each of the 5 movements or tracks. With Save My Soul, Cam wanted to write an album that was gentle and uncomplicated but still passionate and emotionally gripping. Like all of Cam's music, the music of Save My Soul is completely unique: deceptively simple, the music carries many layers of deep emotion and lush beauty. Not slipping into any easy categories, Save My Soul exists in its own world between cinematic orchestral music, modern classical and Australian underground guitar music.

In order to present Save My Soul live, Cam has enlisted the help of 4 film makers (plus himself) to make a video to accompany each of the 5 tracks on the album. These film makers are an international collection, hailing from Melbourne, Berlin and Kabul, Afghanistan. Cam's music has often been described as cinematic and the combination of each of these directors' visions with the lush beauty of Save My Soul's music is a true, immersive, multi-media experience. Cam will be touring this video installation both domestically and internationally during 2012 and 2013, playing live electric guitar along with the installation.

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