Christina Rosenvinge

Madrid-born, Danish-descended singer Christina Rosenvinge owns one of the more singular careers in pop music. She spent the 1980s as a bona fide star in the Latin-speaking world, selling out stadiums and a boatload of records as half of the duo Alex Y Christina. By the early 90s, weary of the endless media maelstrom, increasingly disillusioned by the stifling creative confines of the mass market, and newly inspired by the more personal, idiosyncratic work of songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, she began to write, with an increasing deftness and dedication, songs in her own voice, and closer to her heart.

Eventually splitting with Alex, she recorded a trio of albums for WEA Latin America, each more spohisticated than its predecessor, exploring a wide range of musical motifs and lyrical themes. Sessions for the last of the three, 1996's Cerrado, took place at Echo Canyon, Sonic Youth's just-completed Manhattan studios, with SY guitarist Lee Ranaldo producing and members of Two Dollar Guitar providing backing.

Her next visit to New York found her contributing to Two Dollar Guitar's 1999 album Weak Beats and Lame-ass Rhymes. By now smitten with the city and the possibility of working with a clean artistic slate, she subsequently moved there, and began performing locally with Two Dollar Guitar as her backing group. Work began on Frozen Pool the following year -- her first SLR release would also be her first US and English-language release, and go on to garner both critical accolades and an entirely new, hard-earned fanbase, built upon her own unique talents.

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