Dave Graney and the mistLY

From Melbourne, Australia. Where they live in the hills, on the edge of the city. More than 30 album releases from the Moodists to the Coral Snakes to the mistLY.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore played with the Moodists from 1978 to 1986. They then played with the White Buffaloes/Coral Snakes from 1987-1997. Then the Royal Dave Graney Show and Lurid Yellow Mist.

Their classic 90s albums with the Coral Snakes were re-released in  2013 as a 4 disc box set through Universal Music Australia.

Their live band is the mistLY. Dave Graney and drummer Clare Moore joined by Stuart Perera (guitar since 1998) and Stu Thomas (bass since 2004) - dave graney and the mistLY. 

Dave has published two books and writes a monthly column for the Adelaide Review and has a weekly show on Melbourne’s Triple R community radio station. Moore has her band THE DAMES. Graney and Moore also play as rhythm section for Harry Howard and the NDE and have composed music for both film and television in Australia.


“The Adelaide punk-scene dandy Dave Graney finally made it big at home in the 1990s, after years of celebrated obscurity. Today, acclaimed country-rock albums and lounge-music experiments behind him, he pretty much does as he pleases”. Stewart Lee – Sunday Times

“Its a little bit Goldfrapp, kind of Hendrix, with a touch of Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders, but in execution is pure Graney.” Catherine Gale- Advocate - Tasmania.

"This is music that is neither folk, nor blues, nor country, but it's all Graney, somewhere out to the left field beyond Lee Hazlewood's raised eyebrow. It's astringent on the tongue but sweetens in the telling.” Noel Mengel Brisbane Courier Mail June 2014

"If I asked you, out of any artist in the world, who was going to put out a record that combined the soul funk of classic era Sly Stone with perverse wigged out lyrics, who would you choose? Your five seconds are up and the glorious answer is Dave Graney and The mistLY. This is a stunning, weird, trip to a strange land." Ben Michaels – Rhythms Magazine

“Songs from the new album, Fearful wigging, seem at first like a swan dive into singer-songwriter sentimentality. ‘Country roads, unwinding’ is a languid antipodean take on Kerouac. ‘How can you get out of London?’ is a strange mixture of upbeat Swinging London and melancholic Alain-Fournier. But these are the territories (memory, sentiment, longing) and the genres (diary, travel writing, memoir) that generate Graney’s particular illusion, the performer”. Dr Chris McCauliffe – art writing music 

"the music was like great aged muscat ... with a spritz of Steely Dan at their most pretzel lyrical and maybe some Boz Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered ... even Nancy Wilson/Tom Jobim dammit ... but it wasn't them it was them ... true cool and deadly ... brilliant original music" Phillip White- DRINKSTER blog


This is the Deadest Place I’ve Ever Died In – digital single March 2016.

I’m A Good Hater – digital single – Feb 2016

Once I Loved The Torn Ocean’s Roar – 80s/90s Demos Vol.2 – digtal album Cockaigne - 2015.

Night of The Wolverine demos-early 90s –songwriter demos – digital  album Cockaigne - 2015 

play mistLY for me – digital only live release -  2015-

FEARFUL WIGGINGS- Dave Graney (Cockaigne 2014)

"THE MERCURY YEARS" 4 disc set of albums for Universal 1994-97. 

"POINT BLANK" and "LIVE IN HELL" two digital only live narrative show albums 2013 

Harry Howard and the NDE "PRETTY" (Spooky records 2013)

THE DAMES (Cockaigne - September 2013

soundtrack to the movie JOHNNY GHOST (digital only release 2013)

you've been in my mind (dave graney and the mistLY - Cockaigne - 2012)

Harry Howard and the NDE "near death experience" (SPOOKY 2012)

"ROCK'N'ROLL IS WHERE I HIDE" (dave graney and the lurid yellow mist - LIBERATION 2011) 

SUPERMODIFIED – (Cockaigne/Fuse 2010)

Knock Yourself Out (Dave Graney- Cockaigne - 2009)

We Wuz Curious (The Lurid Yellow Mist - Illustrious Artists 2008)

Rock Formations - (Salmon (Bang! 2007)

Keepin' it Unreal (Dave Graney and Clare Moore...featuring Stu D . Reverberation 2006/7)

Hashish and Liquor,(Dave Graney and Clare Moore. Reverberation 2005)

The Brother who lived, (the Royal Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2003)

The soundtrack to the movie Bad Eggs (David Graney and Clare Moore,Liberation,2003)

Two Fisted Art (the Moodists, WMinc, 2003)

Heroic Blues (the Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2002)

The Third Woman (Clare Moore solo CD, Chapter Music 2001) 

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (the Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2000) 

The Dave Graney Show (the Dave Graney Show, Festival 1998) 

The Devil Drives (Coral Snakes, Universal 1997) 

The Soft'n'Sexy Sound (Coral Snakes, Universal 1995)

You wanna be there… (Coral Snakes, Universal 1994)

Night of the wolverine (Coral Snakes, Universal 1993)

Lure of the tropics (Coral Snakes, Torn and Frayed 1992)

I was the hunter and I was the prey (Coral Snakes, Fire 1992)

CODINE – Dave Graney and the White Buufaloes- 4 track EP FIRE 1990

My life on the Plains (Dave Graney and the White Buffaloes, 1990)

Hey Little Gary – The Moodists 4 track 12”EP (TIM) 1987

Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town (The Moodists - 12”EP TIM) 1986

Justice and Money Too (The Moodists - Creation 1985)

Double Life (the Moodists, 1985)

Thirstys Calling (the Moodists, 1984)

Engine Shudder (the Moodists, 1982)

Gone Dead / Chads Car – The Moodists 7” 45 Au GoGo 1981

Where the Trees Walk Downhill – The Moodists 7”45 AuGoGo 1980

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