Digital Primitives

A new born trio that lines up two artists working together for years, Assif Tsahar and Cooper-Moore, and Chicago's drummer Chad Taylor. The result is a music strong and intense, deeply rooted in the AfroAmerican tradition and open to new ideas and solutions, to constantly renew the meaning of the interplay. As they say: "is playing music in a jungle of creative joy."

Assif Tsahar started playing Guitar at age 14 and at 17 switched to Saxophone. 12 years later he picked up the Bass Clarinet and added it to his musical studies. In 1990 at age 21, in pursuit of music, he came to New York and made it his home. Cooper Moore is a composer-improviser, instrumentalist, designer and builder of musical instruments, and music educator, living and working in New York City.

Chad Taylor moved to Chicago in 1983 with his mother and sister where he started studying drums and guitar. Chad is a member of the Chicago Underground Duo, Trio, Quartet and Orchestra and the experimental improvisational trio, Triptych Myth. Chad leads his own group called Active Ingredients, and has also been a part of Chicago;s postrock scene where he has recorded or collaborated with Tortise, Isotope 217, Stereo Lab, Brokeback, Mouse on Mars, Sam Prekop, and Jim O'Rourke.

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