Francoiz Breut

Acclaimed Gallic chanteuse Françoiz Breut returns in October 2005 with her stunning third album, “Une Saison Volée” (A Stolen Season).

As with her previous two outings, “Une Saison Volée” will doubtless sound impossibly exotic to the non-French speaking Englishman, with Breut’s sultry and sexy vocals again transporting the listener on a cinematic journey throughout. The finesse of the arrangements brings out everything the voice has to show… a voice that caresses each syllable with a languid, velvet touch.

Françoiz Breut’s musical adventures began in Nantes, on the Art-School bench in the early 90’s. She soon began friendships with music lovers like herself, one of whom was French singer-songwriter, Dominique A. He was the first to convince her to develop her newly discovered singing talent and was the main collaborator on her self-titled debut album, released in 1997. For her second album – “Vingt a Trente Mille Jours” – Francoiz collaborated with yet more highly-regarded artists such as Yann Tierson and Joey Burns from Calexico to create a more open and varied record.

This process has continued on her new album, with Françoiz welcoming new collaborators, new styles and different arrangements. It should come as no surprise to discover that this muse, endowed with a deep yet airy voice, has inspired both international and French authors alike to collaborate with her. One notable guest is Herman Dune who contributed two beautiful songs in English (“Over All” and “Please Be Angry”).

The recording took place in Brussels, where she has been living for the past 4 years with an ensemble cast of the cream of French musicians. Boris Gronemberger (guitars), Luc Rambo (keyboards) and Sacha Toorop (drums) who also played on Françoiz’ first two albums accompanied her yet again. At the mixing desk, Dominique Brusson (Yann Tiersen, Dominique A) gave direction. Joey Burns, who has invited Françoiz on stage on a number of occasions to sing with Calexico, again plays bass and sings on several songs.

Françoiz Breut combines her singing career with the duties of motherhood and her second career as a painter and illustrator. As with Jeanne Moreau, with whom her voice has been compared, Françoiz sways between her two callings but never allows for dabbling. It’s the same woman telling the stories, whether she decides to draw them on paper or to live them through a microphone.

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