Freeform, or Simon Pyke as he is known to his mother was born in 1977. The
boredom of British suburbia meant that he spent much of his teenage years
scouring car boot sales for music gear and making fuzzy beats and
sound-bites. Shortly after he left school his first releases emerged on Worm
Interface and Skam records and he found himself in good company alongside
label mates including Gescom and Squarepusher. It wasn’t long before he got
a taste for playing live and he was whisked off on a month long uk tour with
Autechre. In 1996 he moved to London to expand his musical outlook.
In the nine years since then he has released eight albums, six singles and
appeared on many compilations alongside other established artists including
Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, and Stereolab. While Warp, Quatermass, and Leaf are
among the stable of respected record labels Simon has released music with: Bill
Laswell, Autechre, Atom Heart and Jan Jelinek are some of the names that have
remixed his work. Flexing his own producing skills Simon has remixed a range of
artists including hip hop act East Flatbush Project, percussionist Glen Velez and M.
Mayer for techno label Kompakt. The last nine years have also involved extensively
touring Europe, USA and Japan playing clubs, festivals and venues including The
Pompidou Centre in Paris.
Simon’s constant fascination with exploring new areas has seen his work
expanding into new areas; 2001 saw the release of “Audio Tourism: Vietnam
and China” a project which involved collecting location recordings and
instruments and reconstructing the sounds. Love Bytes festival commissioned an
interactive Audio Visual environment called “The freefactory” . In recent years his
work has increasingly focused on commissions for television and motion graphics.
Working closely with a range of studios including The Designers Republic, Universal Everything, Shilo, and Hornet Inc he has produced work for Sony, Honda, Nokia and others.
Despite his taste for the weird and wonderful Freeform's compositions are always
otherworldly without disappearing into the void. Acknowledging influences as diverse as dub, gamelan, and electro, Simon likes keep things fresh in terms of style, It’s all inthe name: Freeform. Simon is currently living in Brighton, England.