Behind Headbirds hides the young producer Dani Guijarro, who started in music as part of C156, a project from which Dani drew inspiration for the open mindedness and fusion of styles that have characterized his subsequent adventures.

His first record as Headbirds was "Dead Kingdom", a track that gave him media exposure with XLR8R, Playground and Concepto Radio, receiving critical acclaim for his first class fusion of UK funky, bass and tropical sounds. After several remixes for artists such as Pyrenees, Guillamino and Fur Voice, and a couple of Eps (("Macaw" for Tracy Recordings and the self released "The Holy Look"), Guijarro is about to become one of the important names in contemporary national electronic music and is on the point of exporting his music to new territories.

His next step is a 12" on El Segell, the new Primavera Sound record-label adventure, and the preparation of his debut LP that will be out before the end of the year. A record that will delve more deeply into the distinctive features of Headbirds between bass, house and techno atmospheres, combined with a clear melodic and dreamy input and songs that work in any context but always have one eye on the dance floor.