Helen Money

Helen Money is Alison Chesley, a Los Angeles based cellist who has become known for her unique sound, bold compositions and compelling stage performance. Called “A classical-cellist-turned-avant-metal virtuoso” by the Boston Phoenix, she has opened for bands such as Shellac, Earth, Joe Lally, Nina Nastasia, KTL and Hunn Huur Tu. A native of Los Angeles, Chesley spent her formative years as a rock musician in Chicago, where she became a vital part of the music scene.  She released two albums on Epic as a member of Verbow and performed on numerous records recorded at two of Chicago's busiest studios - Electrical Audio and Soma.  Her cello can be heard on albums by MONO, Anthrax, Russian Circles, Chris Connelly, Plague Bringer, Disturbed, Bob Mould, and Broken Social Scene among others. It is as a solo artist, however, that Chesley has made her defining statements.  Her most recent release, In Tune (Table of the Elements/Radium), received widespread acclaim, including features in Alarm and Decibel magazines and a pick by Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune as one of the top 10 Chicago independent releases. Alison's third studio album, Arriving Angels, was recorded and mixed by Steve Albini and features Jason Roeder (Neurosis) on drums. Arriving Angels will be released this February on Profound Lore records.