This is a band that recently reinvented itself to astounding acclaim in Iceland. With its first album in 2007, “Sleepdrunk Seasons”, Hjaltalín (IS) started out doing what was then described as chamber pop, eventually rising to mainstream popularity in Iceland. Good reviews abroad followed, as well as tours and festivals around Europe.

Things have evolved since then. The current musical style on their third album, “Enter 4”, is largely electronic, and serious in nature, although there is still some light in the darkness, which have resulted in rave reviews from the Icelandic media. Classical influences still linger, but not as openly as on the previous record, as can be seen on the recent music videos from the album. What used to be expansive, orchestral pop has been rethought, paving the way for cold blooded realism. This is also driven by Högni and Sigga’s expressive vocals alongside techno-influenced beats.

They album was released to great acclaim in Iceland, last December. They Reykjavík Grapevine described the album as "probably one of the most searingly bleak and honest records from an Icelandic group in what feels like…forever?". The album is is due for an imminent worldwide release in September, 2013.

Some of Hjaltalín’s staunchest fans insist that the group is best experienced live. The live set is all about energy, and open interpretation of the songs, which can drift into unplanned reveries or groove based improvisations, never the same two days in a row. Hjaltalín's concerts are that true musical journey that live escapade is all about.

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