Indian Jewelry

Like their website says, their name is legion. Indian Jewelry, ostensibly a small gang from Houston TX, have a revolving door policy when it comes to band members, and have involved around 30 different people over the course of their existence so far.

At the core Indian Jewelry are a threesome (Tex Kerschen, Erika Thrasher, Rodney Rodriguez), but on tour they are known to shape-shift and add new band members in various cities to alter the sound and context of the band. "INVASIVE EXOTICS" is a caption of both the founding fathers and the adjoining companions, the structure and the free form, the tidy and the messy.

Renegades to traditional song structure, Indian Jewelry mix drum machine, noise, percussion, loops, dance beats, guitar, keyboards, scraps of metal, and other sounds into an unpredictable mash of aural delights, drones, and melody. Already amassing a swarm of devotees, Indian Jewelry are expanding our concept of song, and the way it is constructed and heard.

Indian Jewelry are the secret that no one gives away.

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