Joel Silbersher

A true unsung hero of Australian music, Joel Silbersher was a teen rock
hero in the mid-80s as part of GOD; a grubby, unkempt fourpiece of
snotty kids who penned an independent hit 'My Pal'.
After GOD dissipated, he then went on to front the unfashionable, uncompromising yet mightily hard-rockin' HOSS who have released (so far) 5 albums, all of them good and far more exciting than that raft of sterile so called
rock that gets foisted upon us by way of Scandinavia.
Along the way Silbersher, the talented and prolific git that he is, has developed
a knack of writing quirky Beefheartian scumblues and folkboogery some
of which he unleashed under the pseudonym Melon Man, also finding time
to form TENDRILS, a widely lauded duo with the revered Charlie Owen
[New Christs] Tendrils released two really great albums of lo-fi,
psychedelic blues folk that received critical acclaim across the board.
Hoss still play and record, Joel guests with many including Tex Perkins
(Beasts of Bourbon / Cruel Sea / Thug) and if that wasn�t enough,
there�s a couple of new records in the pipeline
Don't expect 'softly softly folky folky'; expect your ears to be well served by this silver tongued, whiskey-throated troubadour of gritty tragi - folk and gutter
battered rock!

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