Although they are virtually unknown outside of their native Iceland, kimono have spent the last 12 years releasing layer after layer of shouted lyrics, twisted guitar riffs and space alien drumming.  They began as a post-rock group playing quiet, brooding instrumental numbers and then took on a Canadian singer / guitarist, Alison, who added a distinct yinging to Gylfi's guitar yanging.  After their first drummer died (actually he's alive, but leaving kimono is a death of sorts - ask any of the bass players they've left behind), Kjartan joined in, adding 40 BPM to each album's pace since then.  It has been ten years of touring, going to school, living in Berlin, art exhibitions, releases on three different labels, having kids, collaborations with some of their favourite artists and general mayhem.

The main feeling you get from listening to kimono is that this is a group of people who do not particularly enjoy repeating themselves as ideas come in quick succession without much room to breathe in between.  They have, at times, considered hiring an intern to keep track of it all.  kimono's fans have come to expect great leaps forward with each new release, which usually appear every three years or so.  As the bartender said to the koala bear:  why the long pause?  We don't know.  They've always been like this.