The London Snorkelling Team

The London Snorkelling Team play music they imagine may have happened some time in the 21st century, perhaps at a cocktail party for experimental scientists with a fascination for cartoons. The composition of the music has also involved the creation of an imaginary town in which this music plays an important part of local life.

The best guide to this town can be found in the LST's first album, The London Snorkelling Team Audio Recording and Map, which was completed in January 2010 – music that has so far been heard at gigs in Munich, London's South Bank, Shunt and Bishopsgate Institute. The album was launched in early 2010 at a sell-out gig at the Vortex.

The band's work with live overhead projection from Tom and Mark, and its theatrical contributions during gigs from temperamental magician Braeburn Valmont, chemistry professor Dr Inshiquin and a tap-dancing security expert (played by Perrier-winner Will Adamsdale, Ed Gaughan and Jonjo O'Neill), caught the attention of the London Institute of 'Pataphysics, who made the LST their official orchestra in 2008.

The players are Tom Haines, Chris Branch, Ross Hughes and Pascal Wyse. Instruments include: Moog, Farfisa, trombone, parabolic reflector, overhead projector, drums, saxophone, cavaquinho, coconut shells, Baby Bass and horse. Ground-breaking research by the band has resulted in a method of putting music, live, through a working time-machine, as well as control of the resulting sound via felt-tip pens and light.

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