Lost Animal

'Ex Tropical' is the debut album by Jarrod Quarrell AKA Lost Animal. 'Ex Tropical' exudes everything that makes for a great album; heart, soul, flesh and blood, sensuality and reflection. Musically there's resonance, groove and groan. The honey-glow of 'Lose The Baby' and closer 'Sundown' against the swaggering cabaret-funk of the single 'Say No To Thugs', and 'Buai Raskol's calypso/dub-inspired rhythms are golden, glistening and timeless.

But it's not just that Jarrod has crafted a great set of songs that we should all get enthused, it's that aesthetically 'Ex Tropical' is a meld of warm, memorable melting moments, moderated by both vibrant tones and subtle nuances, including the use of keys, marimba, brass, xylophone and percussion.

Recorded by Jarrod with John Lee (Mountains in the sky, Mystery Twin) and Shags Chamberlain (Pets With Pets, Brous, Pikelet), 'Ex Tropical' serves us well now and will forever.

Since its release in Australia in September 2011, 'Ex Tropical' has received significant praise:

Beat magazine - Album of 2011
Mess & Noise - Top 10 albums of 2011
The Big Issue -Top Ten albums of 2011
Herald Sun newspaper Rock City - Top 11 albums of 2011
3RRR-fm - Album of the Week
Beat magazine - Album of the Week
The Brag magazine - feature album
Edge Radio - feature album
SYN-fm Approved - feature album

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