Magik Markers

The Magik Markers self-referential improvisations and gritty brand of strutting, spinning and splitting in packed houses, panel trucks, and the underground sound and light discotheques, began in a Hartford basement. Way back in 1987, Elisa Ambrogio met Leah Quimby. Elisa Ambrogio had 7 cats, but no washer or drier, so she always smelled a little 'off'. Leah Quimby had a weak sense of smell; they became fast friends. In 1999, Elisa was traveling in Hungary, and met Peter Nolan. Peter Nolan grew up in Mount Pleasant, Michigan; he was summering in Budapest to escape the pressures of the exacting East Lansing collegiate set. In a Jamesian twist of fate, he checked his email before Elisa Ambrogio, setting the stage for a mammoth rock collaboration the two travellers had no intimation of. Elisa's grandparents Salvatore and Madeline Ambrogio lived in a two family house in Hartford, CT that 4 generations of Ambrogios had called home. Elisa, Pete and Leah moved into the upstairs apartment and Leah and Pete began jamming in the basement. After Elisa joined Pete and Leah in the basement, the band played some shows. INSIDE FACT: Did you know early Magik Markers lyrics consisted of reciting the periodic table, including all known lanthanoids and actinoids? TRUE. Quitting her mall job, Elisa attended Smith College briefly majoring in Literature and minoring in East Asian Studies and taking no honors. She dropped out and the band went on its first US tour. Since then, the band has been lucky enough to tour with Astral Blessing, Sonic Youth, Nautical Almanac, Dinosaur Jr., Sunburned Hand of the Man, The Believers, Blues Control, Lambsbread and work with rad muthas like Scott Colburn, Aaron Mullan and Lee Ranaldo. In 2006 Leah Quimby, despite protests, left the band to pursue her dream of owning an apple orchard on Prince Edward island. Left as only two, Peter Nolan and Elisa Ambrogio soldier on, jamming before capacity* crowds at home and abroad.