Martyn Waites

MARTYN WAITES was born and raised in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  He worked as an actor before becoming a writer.  As well as short stories and non-fiction he has written nine novels.  Mary's Prayer, Little Triggers and Candleland comprised the Larkin trilogy about a burnt out investigative journalist.  They were followed by Born Under Punches, a novel about the legacy of the miners' strike and The White Room, a fictionalised biography of child killer Mary Bell which was chosen as one of The Guardian's books of the year.  He then started the Joe Donovan series, the first of which, The Mercy Seat, was shortlisted for the Ian Fleming Award for thriller of the year.  This was followed by Bone Machine and White Riot.  Speak No Evil, the fourth Donovan novel, appeared earlier this year. 

  He has held several writing residencies, one in Huntercombe Young Offenders Institution and one in HMP Chelmsford.  He has also run arts-based workshops for excluded teenagers and recovering addicts, been the RLF Literary Fellow for Essex University and taught an MA in Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.


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