Mats Gustaffson + Eye

Born in Umeå, Sweden 1964.
Flute studies and activities in jazz rock and punk units in Umeå in early 80`s.
Started playing improvised music with drummer Kjell Nordeson in 1982, with whom he started AALY Trio in 1986. Performances/ happenings with visual artist Edward G. Jarvis from 1984- .
Moved to Stockholm in 1985. Early collaborations with Dror Feiler, Jörgen Adolfsson, Christian Munthe and Sten Sandell & Raymond Strid with whom he started GUSH in 1988
Started collaborate with German drummer Paul Lovens in 1990 and has since then worked extensively as duo, trio , quartet and large ensemble (NU-ensemblen).
Early international collaborations with Derek Bailey (1988-), Sven -Åke Johansson ( 1989-) Per Henrik Wallin (1990-)Günter Christmann (1991-) Jim O 'Rourke (1990-) a.o.
First trip to the US in 1988. First meetings with Ken Vandermark, Hamid Drake, David Grubbs, Michael Zerang, Fred Lonberg Holm… in Chicago 1994. Member of the Peter Brötzmann Tentet since 1997.


EYE Yamataka,
EYE erupted out of the Japanese underground music scene in his band Hanatarash. After Hanatarash stopped being visibly active, EYE started the Boredoms. The Boredoms took the concept of a rock band to an extreme level, blending styles and genres of music as one would mix the properties of a everything. The result: some of the most stimulating music to be released in the last part of the 20th century. After nearly two decades of noise, Chaos, post-rock before there was such a thing. tribal experimentation, remixing, trance-inducing feast of rhythmic intensity, and doing what they want regardless of trends and fashion, the BOREDOMS continue, and remain as vital as ever.
As a vocalist, EYE can make almost any sound imaginable with his voice, from a deep holler, to a piercing scream, to a warm, calming purr. As a musician, EYE can create sounds out of any instrument or non-instrument all within the context of the musical vehicle he has built for himself. The Boredoms, albeit prolific, continue to morph and evolve their sound in a way that always keeps their recordings satisfying.
Besides being in the Boredoms, EYE has been involved with numerous musical experiences and groups over the years, having worked John Zorn, Ween, Otomo Yoshihide, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and many others.
He has recently devoted much of his time to DJing and mixing.
Besides music, With collages, sculptures and sewn pieces, EYE is also a reknown visual artist who combines the aggressive, rending experimentation of punk with neo-folk oriented compositional privileging of pattern and repetition. Alternately raw and absurdist or elegant and and precise, his visual art is a seamless extension of his explorations in music. His work has been shown troughtout the world. EYE Yamataka is a true artist who has devoted his life to his pursuit of his craft. His style and methods have not only set the pace for the Japanese underground scene but has done so for similar musical scenes around the world.

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