Mike Watt + The Missingmen


"Came crawlin' out of a well wearin' ladies shoes. Didn't know what milk was. Repeated everything anybody said..."

-The Firesign Theatre

OK, that isn't an entirely gospel portrayal of watt's formal arrival-- but y'know, if you can invent a speculative life for the president, it should be a snap to whop up a real one for a San Pedro bass player. Maybe not all gospel-- maybe not all punk, either.

Campaigns Old & New & Shorthand Boilerplate:

The Minutemen from '80 to '85. fIREHOSE from '86 to '94. Solo albums: Ball-Hog or Tugboat? in '95, Contemplating The Engine Room in '97, The Secondman's Middle Stand in '04. Zero-to-watt in a couple sentences-- yikes. People watt has played with over the years: the Greater Inland Empire (and points on the globe 360) White Pages. There is a comprehensive and necessarily whopping discography here, but c'mon back-- and here's a useful mantra: "He played with___________!"


Not familiar with watt? Put on this blindfold, get yourself a handful of the elephant & let everybody know what you see-- input from you is not only appreciated but expected & encouraged. Jump in: sound off like you got a pair. Put on coveralls-- it could get, y'know, funky.

Since 2003, watt has been working the bass cherry in the punk rock banana split, the bass slot in the reconstituted Stooges. His third and most recent opera, Hyphenated-Man, is out October 2010, and launches with a 22 gig tour of Japan in 22 days, with Tom Watson on guitar and Raul Morales on drums. A 47 minute, 30 track rip (Minutemen & fIREHOSE people: don't stay home), a rumination on middle age, on not succumbing to the bog'-osity of vanity or the horror of thinking there's nothing left to learn-- channeled & referenced through the works of Hieronymus Bosch, the rants of Buddy Rich, and the travails of a certain Dorothy Gale of Kansas.

"...being an outsider and then takin' up a machine against these people-- teachin' a machine to breathe-- and to make an identity for yourself..."

- watt

This show will be the transatlantic debut of Mike's third opera
"hyphenated-man" - http://hootpage.com/hoot_hyphenated-man.html

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